my yearly update post

Still scanlating Arashi (rps) doujinshi by awesome circles (coughshimuratakakocough)


Hello anyone who passes by,

If you like BL, Shimura Takako or Hisaya Nakajo and don't mind RPS I have a couple Arashi doujinshi by them scanlated at my LJ.

(I am not alive! How's the bl scene? Any must-reads?)

peace out!


WIP zip of TV-kun 9+10

last post indefinitely. i feel bad but heres a zip of what i managed to clean and typeset so far, maybe someone can finish off. The main font i used was wurmics bravo. thanks for being lovely people!


translation scripts for terebi 9+10

yeah so life happened. haven't even been watching anime/reading manga, it's like i'm living in a different universe. Here's the scripts for the last 2 chaps of terebi-kun.


TV-kun no Kimochi 8

Last chapter before uni starts up again; expect a slow down in releases.

Chapter 8: Mediafire



TV-kun no Kimochi 7

Here is the 7th chapter! Fans of the series from TerribleTrio days will be happy to know we're back with the first pair, Kei and Souta. When you're a couple, what do you do? Go on a date, of course!

Chapter 7: Mediafire

I would have had this out sooner but Kamer Rider OOO kinda stole my soul. Plus I may or may not have spent a day fawning over Youko Fujitani's first volume of Hisohiso -silent voice-. Seriously, just ahhhh why does she keep making my heart stop with her beautiful art and panelling.


P.S. If anyone has the TV-kun drama cd -with- scans, can they confirm if there's any extra comic or anything? And if so, link me ;D