ebara tomoe - stand by me - part 1 of 2

Summary: Tatsuru encounters a young man looking for rice porridge during his shift at the local supermarket - unfortunately, he's sick as a dog. Turns out, he's as affectionate as one, too.

Ebara Tomoe = Etsuko.
Cute kansai boys = destruction of the english language, please take care.


my yearly update post

Still scanlating Arashi (rps) doujinshi by awesome circles (coughshimuratakakocough)


Hello anyone who passes by,

If you like BL, Shimura Takako or Hisaya Nakajo and don't mind RPS I have a couple Arashi doujinshi by them scanlated at my LJ.

(I am not alive! How's the bl scene? Any must-reads?)

peace out!


WIP zip of TV-kun 9+10

last post indefinitely. i feel bad but heres a zip of what i managed to clean and typeset so far, maybe someone can finish off. The main font i used was wurmics bravo. thanks for being lovely people!


translation scripts for terebi 9+10

yeah so life happened. haven't even been watching anime/reading manga, it's like i'm living in a different universe. Here's the scripts for the last 2 chaps of terebi-kun.


TV-kun no Kimochi 8

Last chapter before uni starts up again; expect a slow down in releases.

Chapter 8: Mediafire